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GBDAC2017 Kountdown - Week 10: Georges Lammam

GBDAC2017 | Georges Lammam
Can you believe it is only 10 weeks until our 21st annual "Give Belly Dance A Chance" weekend?

Sunday night, we have as our guests an extraordinary group of musicians including Georges Lammam (violin) from San Francisco, CA.

Georges is of Palestinian descent, born in Beirut, Lebanon and as a solo violinist, he exemplifies the Arabic style of instrumental improvisation.   

Mr. Lammam has toured the world as a featured artist.  Most recently, he toured in Bolivia with renowned artists, Eddie and Gabriel Navia and joined other stellar performers in an event hosted by Joined Hands (USA NP) and organized by Marcus Lovett, in the refugee camp in Chalkida, Greece.  This event was to support refugee families and humanitarians who are receiving thousands of people from Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

His compositions and performance excerpts are included in scores for two award-winning documentaries:  “Occupation 101” and “Tea on the Axis of Evil”, and he recorded a well-known folkloric debke in a 2016 feature film, “Wrestling Jerusalem” by Aaron Davidman.

Want to see Georges Lammam live?

Be sure to get your tickets today to see our Karavan Studio belly dancers perform during our #GBDAC2017 recitals and live music performance.

Our special guests include:
  • Georges Lammam (violin) from San Francisco, CA on Saturday and Sunday
  • Naser Musa (oud) from Los Angeles, CA on Saturday and Sunday
  • Michael Ibrahim (nay) from Detroit, Michigan on Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • Miguel Crespo (percussionist) from Bogota, Colombia on Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • Hassan Harfouche (debke dancer) from Los Angeles, CA on Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • The Byblos Band (keyboards and percussion) from Houston, TX with Ahmad, Rami, and Houssam Ghafour on Sunday with acclaimed singer Jabour Bakla

GBDAC2017 Recitals and Performance Tickets

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