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GBDAC2017 Kountdown - Week 9: Hassan Harfouche

GBDAC2017 | Hassan Harfouche
Wow!  In less than 9 weeks you will have the opportunity to see Hassan Harfouche live every night throughout our 21st annual "Give Belly Dance A Chance" weekend!

For those of you who are not familiar with L'Emir Hassan Harfouche, he has been a professional dabke dancer as well as a choreographer for over forty years.

His early training was with the traditional choreographers, Mirwan and Wadia Gerrar. He then began his long association with Kegam, who is the founder of stylized dabke.     

Well known throughout the world, Hassan has performed in theaters in New York, Canne, London, Germany, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Boston, Ohio, San Francisco, Minnesota, and throughout the middle east including the Phoenician's Citadel of Byblos and his home town of Baalbek, Lebanon, known for its annual international dance festival.    

Hassan has danced in several feature films including "King of the Gypsies" and "Protocol" and has choreographed and performed for numerous television shows. Hassan continued to choreograph, teach, and perform Dabke after moving to the United States while a student at U.S.C.

For the past twenty five years, Hassan has been a featured teacher - teaching a master dabke class - at the Mendocino Music and Dance Camp in Northern California.

Want to see Hassan Harfouche live?

Be sure to get your #GBDAC2017 tickets today to see our Karavan Studio belly dancer recitals and live music performances.

Our special guests include:
  • Georges Lammam (violin) from San Francisco, CA on Saturday and Sunday
  • Naser Musa (oud) from Los Angeles, CA on Saturday and Sunday
  • Michael Ibrahim (nay) from Detroit, Michigan on Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • Miguel Crespo (percussionist) from Bogota, Colombia on Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • Hassan Harfouche (debke dancer) from Los Angeles, CA on Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • The Byblos Band (keyboards and percussion) from Houston, TX with Ahmad, Rami, and Houssam Ghafour on Sunday with acclaimed singer Jabour Bakla 
We also have a special treat that you don't want to miss. 
Keep an eye out for information coming soon!

Not able to attend the live performances?

Enjoy each of our recitals and the Sunday performance from anywhere in the world via livestream.  It's the perfect way to bring together friends and family, or even your belly dance troupe, to celebrate GBDAC2017 with us.

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