Join us as we showcase this year's #GBDAC2016 belly dancers from Karavan Studio and Karavan Online!


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Kountdown Day 34: Sharon

Karavan Studio | GBDAC2016 | 80-day Kountdown |  Sharon
Meet Sharon, one of our Karavan Online belly dance students whose own belly dance business is stronger with help from Karen Barbee.

"I discovered belly dance in 1983, when I joined the Society for Creative Anachronism, and started dancing with a couple of friends in the SCA.

I started taking lessons locally at the YWCA that year, and began attending every workshop I could afford to learn everything I could about this beautiful art form!

I drove to Dallas every chance I got to see performers in the restaurants there! I danced with two troupes in Shreveport, LA, in the 1980s and '90s, took a hiatus from 1995 through 2008, then returned to dance with, and eventually direct, the Gems of Cairo in Shreveport. 

Karavan Studio | GBDAC2016 | 80-day Kountdown |  Sharon
I could go on for pages about what a very special group of women the Gems is... really awesome friends who have become my second family. I became the owner of Lotus Studio in Shreveport in 2013, which is home to the Gems. I started playing doumbek and djembe' with Logjam, also at Lotus Studio, around 2010. The Gems, Logjam, and Lotus Studio are all going strong, and I feel very fortunate to have them as a big part of my life! I'm also extremely fortunate to have a very supportive husband who attends every show of ours that he can. :) 

Karavan Studio | GBDAC2016 | 80-day Kountdown |  Sharon
I LOVE Egyptian and American Cabaret, as well as Egyptian Folkloric and Spanish fusion dance. I love Arabic music and feel that my appreciation for it really deepened when I started drumming (and zilling). I was never comfortable dancing while playing zils until I found your [Karen's] DVD, and it helped me immensely! I love your dance style, which is why I decided to become an online student of Karavan. I find your format easy to follow, while the content is always challenging. :)"

Sharon will be performing via video in Rabab, Short Drum Solo, and Jemileh on Friday night.  She will also be performing Coffee Cup which opens the show on both Friday and Saturday night!
Karavan Studio | GBDAC2016 | 80-day Kountdown |  Sharon
Karavan Studio | GBDAC2016 | 80-day Kountdown |  Sharon
Karavan Studio | GBDAC2016 | 80-day Kountdown |  Sharon

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