Join us as we showcase this year's #GBDAC2016 belly dancers from Karavan Studio and Karavan Online!


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Kountdown Day 60: Shannon

Karavan Studio | GBDAC2016 | 80-day Kountdown | Shannon
Shannon found her own path to Karavan Studio and is back to help us celebrate #GBDAC2016!

"I became part of the Karavan in late 2000.   
While taking a break from my landscape architecture career to start my “Mom” career, I needed a place to regain my strength, be creative, and enjoy the company of others.

I saw Karen and Kompany on a San Antonio morning news show and thought “That’s it!” 

After my first class I knew I had found what I was looking for. Over the years I enjoyed dancing at Demos and other restaurants, public events (I loved the King William Parade!), private events & even a Karavan Production or two. The dancing, the music, the friends made… I LOVED it all!

I took an extended hiatus from the Karavan in 2006 after GBDAC Ten...
...but I have made it back in time to join in the TWENTIETH celebration of
Give Belly Dance a Chance!

I hope you will join us for a weekend of great dancing & music!  You might see me Friday night dancing “Seeds of Change”, classic “Habibi” and favorite “Mizmar”!

Karavan Studio | GBDAC2016 | 80-day Kountdown | Shannon
Karavan Studio | GBDAC2016 | 80-day Kountdown | Shannon
Karavan Studio | GBDAC2016 | 80-day Kountdown | Shannon

Posted by Karen Barbee Adkisson, Karavan Studio on 16th May, 2016 | Comments | Trackbacks
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