Dialogue of Music | National Arab Orchestra Takht Ensemble | Youth Orchestra of San Antonio

Saturday, January 6th, 2018

The National Arab Orchestra Takht Ensemble
is coming to San Antonio, Texas!

Dialogue of Music | National Arab Orchestra Takht Ensemble | Youth Orchestras of San Antonio
Please join us in welcoming the National Arab Orchestra Takht Ensemble, led by founder and conductor, Michael Ibrahim, as they play for the first time in Texas!

On January 6th, the National Arab Orchestra Takht Ensemble will be joining the Youth Orchestras of San Antonio (YOSA) and Music Director, Troy Peters, as well as the University of Toledo's UTrio for an evening "Dialogue of Music" -- an official Dreamweek 2018 event.

The National Arab Orchestra Takht Ensemble (NAOTE) was founded in 2010 as the NAO's premiere traditional ensemble performing some of Arab music's finest classical repertoire.  This ensemble is comprised of instruments such as: "oud" (Arab lute), "qunun" (Arab zither), nay (Arab reed flute), violin, riqq (Arab tambourine), table (Arab goblet drum), and bass.

The NAOTE performs classical and contemporary Arab music otherwise known as tarab music.  Tarab music is characterized by its melodic modes known as maqamat (sing, maqam) and complex rythmic modes (iqa'at).  It is also distinguished by the art of improvisation, or taqasim, during which a musician outlines a melodic mode and/or modulates to other related modes.  The audience plays an extremely important role in tarab music, since listeners (sami'ah) will often respond with applause during and after a musician's improvised solos.

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The proceeds from your charitable donation supporting this event go to The National Arab Orchestra (NAO), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that aims to preserve and integrate Arab culture through music education, outreach, and performance.
Founded in 2009 and established in 2010, the National Arab Orchestra is home to the NAO Orchestra, the National Arab Orchestra Takht Ensemble (NAOTE), and the National Arab Orchestra Community Choir (NAOCC). The NAO is dedicated to preserving and performing the classical and contemporary traditions of Arab music, and provides opportunities that bridge social and cultural barriers through music.

If you sponsor the concert with a donation over $250, you will receive a formal acknowledgement letter of your donation after the concert directly from The National Arab Orchestra.

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~ The National Arab Orchestra, Building Bridges Through Music ~

National Arab Orchestra Takht Ensemble | Michael Ibrahim | Save The Date January 6, 2018
Michael Ibrahim, founder of the National Arab Orchestra, is a dynamic conductor, and one of the newest most innovative artists to emerge onto the Arab music circuit.

His teachers have included some of the leading artists in his field including, Simon Shaheen, Johnny Sarweh, Nadeem Dlaikan, Douglas Bianchi, Anthony Iannacconne, Dr. David Pierce, Robert Williams, and Victoria King; causing him to realize the value of a solid educational background. Having earned a bachelor degree in music from Eastern Michigan University, Michael went on to further his studies at Wayne State University; completing a Master of Music degree in conducting.

The impact of Michael’s musical leadership is felt equally by audiences across the globe, and the musicians he collaborates with. Throughout his early career, Michael has performed in many concert halls and venues the world over; allowing him the unique opportunity to share the stage with some of the most influential figures in Western and Arab music. Michael’s diverse musical background and unique approach to composition and improvisation has also led him to be featured on a number of recordings and film scores.

National Arab Orchestra Takht Ensemble | Michael Ibrahim | Save The Date January 6, 2018
As an artist, Michael has used his educational and professional experience to fuse Western and Arab music idioms in his performances. As an educator, Michael has taught privately and in the classroom; providing instrumental and ensemble instruction, as well as lectures and demonstrations on Arab music both at the university and grade school levels.

His extensive experience as a performer and educator has led Michael to found all three ensembles of the Michigan Arab Orchestra (now the National Arab Orchestra).  A Metro-Detroit native, Michael was born into a Syrian immigrant family of humble origins. He began his musical studies on the ‘Ud, later studying the Bassoon and Nay as his musical training progressed.

Dialogue of Music | National Arab Orchestra Takht Ensemble | Youth Orchestras of San Antonio

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