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Fitness Package
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  • Fitness Package
    Recurring monthly payments of $9.99
  • Basic Package
    Recurring monthly payments of $24.99
  • Premier Package
    Recurring monthly payments of $44.99

Karen explains how Karavan Online's Basic and Premier online classes work

Didi - with Zils

Mondays with Karen at 8:30pm

I’m feeling a bit nostalgic on this one!  This song is from 1992 by Cheb Khaled (an Algerian Rai singer – we’ll talk about that style of music a bit in the first class.)

The song is naturally a bit funky by nature, so the style will be less tight and precise and more fun.  I want to play simple zil patterns throughout parts of the song – just because the rhythm is so hard and compelling! 

I would label this dance 2.4 (on a scale of 1 to 5), but the added zils might jack it up a bit, too.  Fun!  This is going to be relatively late night fun! 

Layla (The Original)

Tuesdays with Karen at 6:00pm

My thought to do a fusion choreography to the original “Layla” by “Derek and the Dominoes” (we DO know that Derek is Eric Clapton, yes?) came to me by accident.  

And the accident kept happening as I would try to play the acoustic version of this song for the class last year; but would keep playing the original electric version.  It occurred to me that it would be fun to repurpose steps from acoustic Layla where appropriate, reinvent steps, and just create new ones – in response to what we hear as “different” between the versions.  

An EXCELLENT exercise in musicality and “version analysis”.  PLUS this original version has a beautiful opportunity for some improv work at the end.  This dance will have some expectation attached.  Level 4ish+ is what I give this one!  And it’s fusion.  So be ready for a little... ummm... ”weird”.  : )


Wednesdays with Kerry at 6:00pm

Fakerni is a fun pop song by Haifa Wehbe.  It starts with a strong intro, moves into a slower section and then hits you with awesomeness.  

This will be a fun, flirty dance, so come and join us! :-) The level of this dance is Intermediate to Advanced.

Qul Ana Ma Tiqul

Wednesdays with Karen at 7:15pm

From Naser Musa’s "Khaleegi" CD – this dance will be level 2-3 in difficulty (on a scale of 1 to 5).  

New performers/Beginners are welcome in this dance!  We will explore simple combinations and moderately challenging combinations with:
  • simple footwork appropriate for the Khaleegi style
  • graceful arm gestures and syncopated torso articulation
  • and the eternal exercise of switching the focus between melody and rhythm.


Fridays with Karen at 12:00pm

This is the choreography to the beautiful Greek music that opened the whole GBDAC 2014 show.

It’s a  song about Helen of Troy (that I heard over the sound system of Mina and Dimi’s Greek restaurant... causing me to ask restaurant owner about the name of the song and artist).

The dance is very lyrical in nature with a loose Greek vibe, of course!  

Level 4-ish in difficulty; an excellent lesson in musicality as we swap interpretation between all tracks of sound; and a doable 3:30 in length!

“Karen, all of your students have a Gold Mine with you as their instructor. I always knew [since 1989] that you were a GOLD MINE in the making. They just don’t make them like you anymore!!”
— Mercedes

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