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Fitness Package
Recurring monthly payments of $9.99
  • Fitness Package
    Recurring monthly payments of $9.99
  • Basic Package
    Recurring monthly payments of $24.99
  • Premier Package
    Recurring monthly payments of $44.99

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Fall 2015 Khoreography Class Descriptions

Leilet Hob

Mondays with Karen at 8:30pm

We will be learning a dance to the live Byblos Band version of this song – complete with magical oud taksim by our buddy Naser Musa! 

I am once again feeling the need to encourage dancers to cover space on stage – so there will be significant traveling in this dance, work on spatial awareness, and work on turns.  And of course, this music is another classic composed by Mohammad Abdel Wahhab and performed by Oum Koulthoum – one of those songs every belly dancer needs to know at some point! 

This class will be filmed for Karavan Online and is a Level 4-5.


Tuesdays with Karen at 6:00pm
Fridays with Karen at 12:00PM

This is the grand musical genius of Ibrahim El Samahy setting Malaguena to Middle Eastern rhythms for Amaya!  

Karavan first performed to this “almost-15-minute” piece in 1999.  And I am INTENTIONALLY bringing it back so that it will be on Karavan bodies for our 20th recital in 2016!  This piece is tidily divided into 7 sections:
  1. Amayaguena Introduction 2:58
  2. Samai (10-count) 1:30
  3. Rhythmless Transition 1:17
  4. Khaleegy Intro and Khaleegy  2:00
  5. Masmoudi  1:05
  6. Drum Solo  3:20
  7. Finale 2:58
Amaya is graciously allowing this to be filmed for inclusion on Karavan Online.  
Music is available in 3 pieces: 1) Amayaguena Introduction, 2) Samai thru Drum Solo, and 3) Finale on itunes and Amazon.

This class is a level 2-3.

Seeds of Change

Wednesdays with Karen at 6:00pm

This class is open to dance students who have been in Beginner class for a couple of months or more and who want to use what they have learned to create a full dance.  

We will make use of all of the basic movements and match them to the beautiful music of Naser Musa from his Arabia CD.  The dance will begin with a simple veil introduction to let the students get a feel for this prop for possible future use.  (Veils are available at the studio.)

This class will be filmed for Karavan Online and is a beginner level 1-2.

Shimmy Shake Down

Thursdays with Veronica at 7:15pm

This is an advanced choreography, high energy drum solo.

In this class, you will be building your speed, endurance, perfecting sharp accents and developing dynamic shimmies.  As always, this will be a great workout and is perfect for taking your technique to the next level - while completing an entire dance!  The music is by Issam Housham.

The class will be filmed for Karavan Online and is a level 4-5.


Thursdays with Sara at 8:30pm

This is a beginner/intermediate choreography starting on September 3rd.

In this class, we will work on listening, timing and posture!
This is a soft and melodic piece by Fadl Shaker that will incorporate lots of long lines, squirmy combos, and dramatic accents.

This class is a beginner/intermediate level 3.

If you have questions or would like to confirm your attendance, please contact Sara.

“Karen, all of your students have a Gold Mine with you as their instructor. I always knew [since 1989] that you were a GOLD MINE in the making. They just don’t make them like you anymore!!”
— Mercedes

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