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Fall 2016 Khoreography Class Descriptions

Karavan Studio | GBDAC 2016 | Come Dance With Us
Karavan Fall Semester 2016
Music Sample Mix

Click here for a sample of the music that will be used in the choreography classes at Karavan Studio (San Antonio, Texas) beginning beginning August 1, 2016.
  0:00  Khaliko Shahadeen - Mondays at 7:15pm
  0:38  La Tkhallini - Tuesdays at 8:30pm
  1:09  Mani Mani - Tuesdays at 6:00pm
  1:43  Tabaan Men Alkhatya - Wednesdays at 6:00pm
  2:30  ALYM - Wednesdays at 7:15pm
  3:05  Nashwat Al Raqs - Thursdays at 7:15pm
  3:43  Feggari Hlomo - Thursdays at 8:30pm
  4:18  Leilet Hob - Fridays at 12:00pm

Khaliko Shahadeen “Be My Witness”

Mondays with Karen at 7:15pm

By Nawal al Zogbi (originally by Fayza Ahmed, a contemporary of Warda, Sabah, and Fairuz) - this will be my "classic" contribution for the semester.  We will be using 2 parts of this 30+ minute song which will result in 5 rhythm/mood changes.  

This class will be filmed for Karavan Online and is a level 3 to 4.5 depending on the section and is 7:58 in length.

La Tkhallini “Don’t Let Me Be Tortured (here without you)”

Mondays with Karen at 8:30pm

THIS is the Debke song that I keep playing by Joseph Attieh.  

This will be the most mentally/physically demanding class on the schedule in quite some time, I promise!  Be prepared for juice of the long, strong, beautiful mawal followed by tiny, tight isolations, extremely challenging timing, a strong debke vibe with some new experiments to try to make that happen, stronger legs, and slow progress to keep the presentation tight.  I expect it to feel like the intersection of “Mizmar” and a drum solo.

This class will be filmed for Karavan Online, is 5:49 in length and a level 5+!

Mani Mani “It’s Not Mine”

Tuesdays with Karen at 6:00pm

This is a song by Diana Haddad – first released in 2000 – that I have loved since I first heard it... but never used for a group choreography.

The choreography will be sassy and fun AND will have an optional zil component in select sections!

This class will be filmed for Karavan Online, is 4:15 in length and a level 2-3.

Tabaan Men Alkhatya “I’m Tired of ‘Sinning”

Wednesdays with Karen at 6:00pm

This music is by Naser Musa and is from his “Ya Rab” CD.

This is the "Virtue-like" slow piece of the semester; which is why the level is 2 thru 5.  The movements will be simple, slow, and deliberate – level 2.  Effectively and powerfully executing these movements in the specified amount of time is the level 5-ness of it. This class can be used to learn a dance OR to heighten your awareness of timing, movement dynamics, arm/hand positioning, and posture.  Truly good for ALL levels!!!!  

This class will be filmed for Karavan Online, is 6:37 in length and a level 2 thru 5 depending on how you approach it. : )

Allah Ya Yehremny Mennak (ALYM)

Wednesdays with Karen at 7:15pm

ALYM is an upbeat, contemporary favorite by one of Egypt’s most popular singers – Amr Diab (same singer that sang “Habibi, Ya Noor Al Ain”.)  This dance was first choreographed in 2006 and remains a favorite.  

The official easiest dance on the schedule this semester : )  

This class will be filmed for Karavan Online, is 3:50 in length and a level 2.

Nashwat Al Raqs

Thursdays with Cindy at 7:15pm

The music is from the Raqs Sharqui Volume 1 CD (same CD as Mizmar music).  

This is a great piece of music with various tempo changes (including a taqsim at the beginning) and even a small drum section. 

Cindy will be including a silk fan section near the beginning (click here to see the video example.) These oversized fans with a shorter veil are wonderful to work with, come in different colors, and we will try to set up a group order.

This class will be filmed for Karavan Online, is 7:22 in length and a level 3.

Feggari Hlomo

Thursdays with Sara at 8:30pm

This song was recorded by Manolis Aggelopoulos in 1958!

This dance will include Greek style steps, classic “Golden Era” movements, a mini taqsim and zils to top it off. Short and sweet at just over 3 minutes long.

This class will be filmed for Karavan Online and is a level 2-3.

Leilet Hob

Fridays with Karen at 12:00pm

This music was originally composed by Mohammad Abdel Wahhab and performed by Oum Koulthoum – and is one of those songs “every belly dancer should know”.  

This dance has a lot of traveling, is musically challenging (3 separate rhythm changes and one of them is a 6-count!), and has some killer isolation work to match the oud solos.  The version we will be using is a live recording of the Byblos Band from Houston with Naser Musa on oud.  

It already exists in its entirety on Karavan Online since it was first taught in the Fall 2015 semester.  It is a level 3-4 and is 5:52 in length.


Weekly on Karavan Online with Jessica

This is a beautiful piano/string piece called Tristesse on the Escapism album from the Library Tapes - click here to get it from ITunes.

This will be a belly dance modern fusion choreography.  Jessica's vision is: everyone together for the beginning until the fast piano starts and then we will learn the same combinations but dance them in a round (ex. dancer 1: combo 1,2,3,4; dancer 2: combo 2,3,4,1; dancer 3: 3,4,1,2  etc.)

It is a short piece 2:26.  Tristesse means melancholy sadness so we will be moving slow in the beginning sort of like Karen's "Molasses Moments" class and then much faster (Escapism) as we turn, hop, and shimmy to the fast piano.

This class will be filmed for Karavan Online starting in August and the next time Jessica is in town be ready to preform at Demo's. :)

“Karen is truly dedicated to this art form. For many years she has committed to the growth of herself as well as her students. Her talent and loyalty to working as an artist shows through.”
— Suhaila Salimpour

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