Fall 2017 Khoreography Class Descriptions

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Karavan Fall Semester 2017
Music Sample Mix

Click here for a sample of the music that will be used in the choreography classes at Karavan Studio (San Antonio, Texas) beginning August 7, 2017. 
0:00 Bala Hob Bala Bateekh
0:36 Just Like That
1:20 Drum Language
2:07 W'darat Al Ayam

“Bala Hob Bala Bateekh” – by Fares Karam

Mondays with Karen at 7:15pm
Music length:  4:11

             “Bala Hob Bala Bateekh” (No love! – but really more like “I’ve HAD IT with love!”)         

             You’ve heard the music!  I use it in warm-up all of the time – sometimes playing it multiple times because I love the song AND the singer (Fares Karam).  It seems like this would be a candidate for another hardcore debke-esque piece; but let’s try something different. 

                The lyrics translate to “no love, no passion, no feelings.  Your love is now history and we are free from the headaches.  It is beautiful to live in freedom.”  It’s a rather cocky song, actually.  😊

                So this dance will have a little debke vibe, a few fun combinations, and some attitude!  We’ll actually take a look at the lyrics together and consider them in the movement without over-emoting or being accused of bad acting because I HATE THAT!!  LOL 

                Level 2-3 in difficulty.  Don’t be scared if it’s your first or second dance ever.  😊

"Just Like That" – by Charbel Rouhana

Mondays with Karen at 8:30pm
Music length: 6:59 (Intro. is 1:00!!)

                Another song that I’ve played in warm-ups – multiple times because I love it so much!  This music has rich, clean changes from instrument to instrument (violin, nay, oud, kanoon, accordion), clean  tempo for juicy, deliberate movement – especially while traveling - and we will be working a lot on that in this piece.

                The above musical characteristics suggest that we will be working on movement texture, layering, bridging movement across sections of music, and even a little improv!  Level 4-5 in difficulty.  

“No Music Zils”  - by the dancers!

Tuesdays with Karen at 8:30pm
length: TBD

               We’re going to enhance our timing, our coordination, our awareness of our arms and hands….we’re going to work on our zils!!  AND build several “no music zils” combinations that we will then mix and match to create a new “no music zils” dance by the end of the semester.

              Every level of zil player is welcome!!  If we had lots of dancers who would NOT benefit by a deliberate review of basics and some practice and repetition, we would have had more zil players in GBDAC, right?  Right.  :-O  :-D

“Drum Language" - by Issam Houshan

Wednesdays with Cindy at 6:00pm
Music length: 4:08

            This high energy drum solo music has varied and interesting drum rhythms/patterns and tempo changes (which means we’ll be doing more than just shimmying!).  There will be some interesting footwork involved, and possibly some level changes for those who can handle them, so this will be a strong intermediate choreography with a few added surprises.

             For some of the harder steps, there will be an “A” and a “B” version (“B” will be simpler) for those who may be concerned about the intermediate level.  😊  Level 3-4

“W'darat Al Ayam” - by Bassem Yazbec

Thursdays with Sara at 8:30pm
Music length - 6:08

            This is Basem Yazbec’s verson of the classic Oum Kalthoum song featuring many instrument and rhythm changes.  The choreography has juicy combinations, graceful arms and hands, long lines and will challenge your strength and balance with lots of level changes.  Level 4-5

"I LOVE the site, have been learning the Kan Yama Kan choreo.  I would have loved to be a part of the recital this year, but I'm going to be out of town that weekend.  Next year!"
— Melissa

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