Fall 2018 Khoreography Class Descriptions

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“Sultans of Swing” – by Dire Straits

Mondays with Karen at 7:15pm
Music length:  5:48

Click here to hear the music.   
I probably don’t need to tell you about the music - but here’s why I want to do a choreo to this piece:
1)       There is an opportunity for interesting interchange and layering between the lead vocals and lead guitar.
2)       Many lessons about musicality are more easily ingrained by using familiar music.   Then those lessons can be carried over to less familiar music – hey, maybe even to music from another country!   😊
< 3)       Something to recognizable music is always a nice “reset” button for the audience in a performance – not to mention to a choreographer.   😊   😊
4)       Like “Layla” by Eric Clapton – which is based on a Persian fairy tale – this music has the word “Sultan” in its title; thereby allowing me to believe that it is somehow appropriate in a studio that focuses on dance movement derived from the movements of Middle Eastern dance.
5)       It’s just going to be fun.

Int/Adv level


"Ensa Hmoumak" – by Carol Samaha

Tuesdays with Sara at 6:00 pm
Music length: 3:58

Click here to hear the music.   
This fun, lighthearted song has lots of juicy accordion and a little Flamenco flavor! We will work on traveling combinations, sassy hip work and contrasting curly, floaty moves with sharp accents.

Intermediate level

“Halawet Rooh”  - by Hakim

Wednesdays with Jessica at 6:00 pm
music length: 5:34

Click here to hear the music.   
Funky and playful. This will be a Shaabi inspired choreography. (Karen's note – if you don’t know what “Shaabi” is – Wikipedia and YouTube can help you.) We will work with grounded movements, big shimmies, Egyptian traveling steps and balancing.

Int/Adv. level

“Rumba de la Noche” -  by Paul Bernard and Este Mundo

Wednesdays with Jessica at 7:15 pm
Music length - 3:08 

Click here to hear a sample of the music.  
Clean accented movements with Flamenco flare, light traveling steps, shimmy runs and powerful poses.

Beg. Level          

"Hi Karen, I got the premier package and it's so awesome, thank you so much for having On-Line belly dance classes, not sure how I would survive without them in the Alaska Winter."
— Rosario Sheets

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