GBDAC 2014 Intensive Workshop

With Karen Barbee and Naser Musa
June 28-30, 2014 (Saturday thru Monday)
Karavan Studio – San Antonio, Texas

Karavan Studio | Karen Barbee | GBDAC 2014 Intensive Workshop
All our workshop topics are developed with an eye toward developing dancers FULLY so that they can eventually improvise to live music with genuine, strong, and complete expression and COMPELLING PERFORMANCE!!

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Topics Covered:

Do You See What I Hear? (Choreography Dissection) – Karen
Have you ever watched a dancer or a troupe and wondered why certain movements are placed where they are?  I hope so! 

While matching the music is beautiful; literal matching at all times can fall flat.  In this class, I provide a map of a piece of music and do the dance several times.  The students observe and log their observations of why I do what I do.  Then I have to explain my choices.

Combinations – Repurpose, Restructure, or Reveal! – Karen
In these days of workshops filled with learning full choreographies, how can we ensure that we all get something useful from our time and money spent??  

Learn some exercises for taking combinations from dances learned; placing them into other music, and then stretching or compressing the movements and phrases to make them work!  The process itself often creates beautiful new choices for movement!  We will learn the choreography that I had you dissect previously and work from there!

Finger Cymbals – As Instrument AND Tool For Awareness – Karen
You don’t have to have a goal to be the next zil-wizardress to benefit from using finger cymbals in your practice!  

Heighten your sense of rhythm, broaden your awareness of your arms and hands, and enhance your coordination.  In the end, you might BE the next zil-wizardress without even trying!

Drills – Technical versus Organic – Karen

Logic-intensive, muscle-and-brain-challenging body work makes us stronger dancers – for sure!  But purely technical drills can sometimes create a habit of robotic movement that becomes hard to break.  Choreographies become busier and look like a drills class themselves!  Yikes! 

Organic Drills, i.e. simply following a seasoned dancer in her movement (ala 1970’s style learning) can reveal a more emotional, genuine, melodic path of movement that, when combined with the technical work, produces a fuller experience for everyone.

Lessons in Listening - Karen and Naser
How many ways can you hear a piece of music? 

Stretch your mind and find new ways to translate phrasing to movement.  Learn to listen at various levels of detail, hear shapes, hear emotions, create story lines, etc. in an effort to trigger more options for movement in your head and in your dance.
a. “For example”…… using the classics as a guide.
b. Understanding Musical Structure - Naser
c. It’s not Rocket Science (common themes and sounds in Arabic music) - Naser
d. The elusive embellishment – how much movement recognition is enough? When? Why?– Karen and Naser

Guided Practical Application of EVERYTHING with Naser on oud and Karen on zils!

Cancellation Policy

No refunds unless the workshop is cancelled.  Substitutions for any workshop purchased must have signed release
from enrollee designating a qualified participant over 18.
“Karen, all of your students have a Gold Mine with you as their instructor. I always knew [since 1989] that you were a GOLD MINE in the making. They just don’t make them like you anymore!!”
— Mercedes

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