GBDAC 2014 Intensive Workshop

San Antonio Intensive Workshop Waiver

The applicant hereby certifies and states that she/he is physically fit with no health problems that would be aggravated or detrimental to her/his health if he/she is enrolling to participate in these workshops and he/she has not been advised by his/her physician not to participate in activities similar to this program. 

For consideration received, the undersigned jointly and severally hereby agrees to indemnify and hold same harmless, and forever release, discharge, acquit and forgive Karen Barbee Adkisson, and Karavan Studios from any damages or losses which occur during this Seminar, Workshops and/or Performances or en route to or from any part of this event

ABSOLUTELY NO CAMERAS or recording devices may be used in the Program or Performance Space for any part of the WORKSHOPS without express written consent from Karen Barbee Adkisson. Expressed permission is given to Karen Barbee Adkisson and Karavan Studios to use video and photography of myself in conjunction with this event and as publicity for future events.

No Refunds unless workshop is cancelled.  Substitutions for any workshop purchased must have signed release designated to a qualified participant over 18 from enrollee. 

I understand and will abide by all of the above.

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