Karavan Studio | GBDAC 2018 | 22nd annual Recital
Program Advertising

Karavan Studio | GBDAC 2015 | Karen Barbee, Georges Lammam,  and Naser Musa
Program advertising is now available for Karavan's 2018 "Give Belly Dance Chance"

We will be celebrating our 22nd annual recital on Saturday with our Karavan Studio dancers in another multimedia show!  Our show will include a teaser of live music featuring Georges Lammam (San Francisco) on violin, Gabriel Navia (San Francisco) on guitar, and Miguel Crespo (Bogota, Colombia) on percussion!

For Sunday's “Project Band” performance, we will be joined by Naser Musa (Los Angeles) on oud,  Georges Lammam (San Francisco) on violin, and Michael Ibrahim (Detroit, Michigan) on nay; all of this alongside the incredible musical talents of the Ghafour Brothers Band from Houston and our star singer Jabour Bakla.

Program Ads:

Advertising in Karavan's GBDAC2018 program ensures that your message reaches approximately 600 people from San Antonio and the surrounding area.

Whether you are advertising your company or sending a "Kongratulatory" message, you can choose from the following GBDAC2018 Event Program advertising options (Please note that all ads are in black and white except for the back cover and the insides of the cover):

Business Card (2 x 3.5 inches) for $25

One-Half Page for $35

Full Page for $60

 Inside Front Cover - color ad  - $90 - SOLD!

 Inside Back Cover - color ad  - $90 - SOLD!

 Back Cover - color ad  - $130

Submitting Your GBDAC2018 Program Ad

Finished artwork is due to Sara at sjouettmartinez@aol.com by July 20, 2018.
Karavan Studio | GBDAC 2016 | Program Ad | John the Greek Restaurant
How to submit your files:
  • Electronic files (graphics and/or photos, etc.) should be sent at 100% actual size and a minimum resolution of 300 dpi (ppi.)
  • Please convert any color ads to CMYK mode before you send them.
  • We prefer file extensions of JPG or PDF (higher resolution.)
  • PSD, EPS and AI files are also acceptable if all links, graphics, and fonts are submitted OR the file is flattened.

Karavan Studio | GBDAC 2016 | Program Ad | Lazy Cat Publishing
Please only send COLOR ads if your ad is to be printed in color!!
If you grayscale your ad before sending it to us, make sure it looks the way you want it and/or expect it to look. (Each graphics program has its own way of converting color graphics to grayscale and results may not be the same between computers and/or graphics applications.)

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