Zils:  Bridging The Gap

A simple step by step guide for learning and evolving your rhythm, coordination, and overall zil technique.

Zils are not just an instrument or a lovely dance companion, but also a great way to get in touch with the rhythm of the music and heighten your awareness of your arms and hands (often the first casualty of a belly dancer)!

In this DVD, Karen will walk you through her basic technique for playing zils -- while seated! But mastering finger cymbals while holding still is not what a dancer needs. Each subsequent chapter will introduce more complex movement patterns while playing zils until entire combinations are developed.

Karen introduces the concept of "zil-provisation" -- a way to practice zils and improvisation using various formats for combination building. Finally, Karen includes a chapter on more advanced zil work such as playing portions of a beat and accents. Run time approx. 55 minutes.

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