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Students attending group lessons at Karavan are invited to set up a "Class Card Account" by loading their "Virtual Karavan Class Card".  

Private lessons are set up with Karen on an individual basis. 

Private Lessons

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- Prices listed are for 1-2 students.

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Group Technique Classes

- Each class is $10 for 1 hour of instruction.  
(Unless otherwise noted.)
-Your virtual account is decreased by $10 for each class attended.

Purchase classes here and enjoy your choice of our array of technique classes: 

Beginner Belly Dance
Introduction to the basic isolations and shapes that make up the foundation of Middle Eastern Dance.  Each class will teach a short dance combination for practice with sequencing and transition.
  • Sundays with Karen at 6:00pm
  • Wednesdays with Karen at 11:00am
  • Thursdays with Veronica at 6:00pm
  • Saturdays with Karen at 10:30am

    8 classes for $60 (25% savings)

    Regular Int/Adv Drillz
    Work on layering, traveling, endurance, coordination, stamina, etc. etc. etc.  The level of the class will be tweaked up or down depending on who walks through the door.  It is difficult - if not impossible - to become a good dancer by learning choreography after choreography while excluding this type of practice.   
    • Tuesdays with Karen at 7:15 pm
    • Thursdays with Karen at 7:15 p.m.
    • Fridays with Karen at 12:00 p.m.
    • Saturdays with Karen at 12:00 pm

    First Time Student?

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    Group Khoreography Classes

    CHOREOGRAPHY PAY POLICY Students enrolled in a choreography class will 
    - be charged for each choreography class on the schedule.

    - be given FREE access to Karavan Online to keep up with any missed classes.  (Current Karavan online students' recurring payments will be stopped upon registration for a choreography.)

    "Click Here to Register" buttons below allow you to reserve your space and make your deposit of $30 for Fall 2018 Khoreography classes at Karavan!  Class sizes are limited. 

    Once registered, you may purchase additional classes here or pay by another method for continued attendance throughout the semester. 

    Click here for class descriptions and samples of music.

    Sultans of Swing
    Mondays with Karen at 7:15pm

    Ensa Hmoumak
    Tuesdays with Sara at 6:00pm

    Halawet Rooh

    Wednesdays with Jessica at 6:00pm

    Rumba de la Noche
    Wednesdays with Jessica at 7:15p.m.

    * Please Note:
    Each of our Spring 2018 Khoreography Classes will be filmed for Karavan Online.

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    Belly Dancing San Antonio | Belly Dancing Video Lessons | Karen Barbee | Learn How to Belly Dance in San Antonio

    “Karen, all of your students have a Gold Mine with you as their instructor. I always knew [since 1989] that you were a GOLD MINE in the making. They just don’t make them like you anymore!!”
    — Mercedes

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