Interested in Online Belly Dancing Lessons?

You can easily combine video lessons with in-studio lessons for an ultimate study of the art of  Middle Eastern dance.

Basic               $24.99
Premier           $44.99

Fitness Package
Recurring monthly payments of $9.99
  • Fitness Package
    Recurring monthly payments of $9.99
  • Basic Package
    Recurring monthly payments of $24.99
  • Premier Package
    Recurring monthly payments of $44.99

Karen explains how Karavan Online's Basic and Premier online classes work

Fire of Arabia Drum Solo

Wednesdays with Karen at 6:00pm

This will be an advanced, physically and cardiovascularly demanding class to a very high energy drum solo by Emad Sayyeh. 

PERFECT start to a new year!  Even if you don’t want to perform it, there will be much to gain by the experience.  Come burn off those holiday calories sooner in 2015 than later!  This class is a Level 4-5.

Tobur Elbi

Wednesdays with Karen at 7:15pm

A fun moderate-tempo debke fusion dance to the music of Fares Karam. 

We will actually join hands and do a version of debke during some sections of the song, then separate and interpret other sections independently. 

This dance was first taught and performed in 2006.  It is a GREAT introduction to debke dance and an excellent opportunity to relax into the choreography and DANCE rather than execute a series of commands!  This class is a Level 2-3.

Sahhed Dahhen Bou

Thursdays with Kata Maya at 7:15pm

For the first time ever in San Antonio, Kata Maya is offering a 12-week Khoreography class.

This choreography will include a veil entrance to an upbeat Arabic song.  Please bring your veil and come ready to party!

Please Note, this class must have 6 students to make…so sign up now! 

The song is off the CD "Virginia Presents Khan Al Khalili". The song length is 4:44.  This class is a Level 3-5.

Didi - with Zils

Fridays with Karen at 12:00pm

This dance was just taught on Mondays during the last semester – so is online in its entirety. 

The steps are solid Intermediate level; it is adding the zils that makes it a challenge. 

A 1992 song by the Algerian Rai Singer “Cheb Khaled”, EVERYONE loves the vibe of “Didi”!! 

This class is a Level 3-4.

“Karen has the ability to teach body control in a way through which all can learn. She is one of the hardest working dancers that I know. She is very sincere with her teaching and she is willing to share her knowledge.”
— Tambra

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